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Chastity Lee
29 January 1990
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the need to know.
Hey there, peeps. I'm Chastity. Though I mostly go by Chas because people normally can't pronouce Chastity x] Even though most of the time people say Chaz instead of Chas with a long s. But oh well xD So yeah I'm 2O and I will be 21 in January. No, I don't act my age but honestly I could really care less ;D I'm a mixed kid: half Chinese, one fourth Black, Native America, and English, and one fourth German and Dutch. Sadly I can only speak english x] There are six things in life I absolutely love. Music, wrestling, graphic desinging &+ photography, action movies, traveling, and my friends &+ family. Music is my life line and I don't go a day without listening to it. I'll listen to just about anything but I'm a major fan of rock and asian music. Adam Lambert is my favorite artist, Super Junior is my favorite music group, and Tokio Hotel is my favorite band. And why yes, I am a fan of Justin Beiber. I'm addicted to wresting and WWE. I know a lot more about WWE than I really should x] and my favorite wrestler/superstar of all time is Shawn Michaels. Followed by John Cena, Randy Orton, and John Morrison. My favorite diva is Natalya Neidhart. I'm really into graphic designing and photography, and I plan on majoring in them once I head back to school. Who doesn't love movies x] Well I'm a hug fan of action and I prefer that genre over anything else. Gotta love a good action movie xD When I graduate college I plan on travel everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Something about the world just intrigues me. Nothing is more imprtant to me than my friends and family. Seriously, they are my life and if anyone messes with them I will burn you alive and watch you suffer in pain until you die...^^ Anyway! Yeah, that's me. Check out my friends only entry to find out more =)

my fandoms.
Wrestling/WWE. Shawn Michaels. Triple H. D Generation X. John Cena. Randy Orton. John Morrison. Edge. Kofi Kingston. Rey Mysterio. Evan Bourne. Natalya Neidhart. Beth Phoenix. Mickie James. Gail Kim. Kelly Kelly. Eve Torres. The Hart Dynasty. Bret Hart. Lucky Cannon. Daniel Bryan. Justin Gabriel. Melina. Christian. Sheamus. Jeff Hardy. Apolo Anton Ohno. Shaun White. Adam Lambert. Super Junior. Lee Sungmin. Han Geng. Kim Kibum. Kim Jongwoon. Kim Ryeowook. Park Jungsoo. Donghae/Kibum. Kyuhyun/Sungmin. Donghae/Sungmin. Kyuhyun/Kibum. Eunhyuk/Sungmin. Kangin/Leeteuk. Eunhyuk/Leeteuk. Kibum/Sungmin. Infinte. Lee Sungjong. Nam Woohyun. Kim Myungsoo. Kim Sunggyu. Beast. Son Dongwoon. Jang Hyunseung. Yong Junhyung. Junhyung/Hyunseung. 2PM. Horvejkul Nichkhun. Lee Junho. Kim Junsu. MBLAQ. Lee Changsun(Joon). Bang Chulyong(Mir). Teen Top. Bang Minsoo. Lee Byunghun. Dalmatian. Chae Daniel. Kim David. Lee Dongrim. ZE:A. Kim Kevin. Park Hyunshik. Jung Heechul. Im Wongjae. After School. Park Jiyoung. Kim Rebecca. Park Sooyoung. Im Jinah. Noh Leeyoung. f(x). Amber Liu. Choi Sooyoung. Kim Taeyeon. Seo Joohyun. Glee. Finn Hudson. Noah Puckerman. Jesse St. James. Kurt Hummel. Rachel Berry. Will Schuester. Finn/Rachel. Cory Monteith. March Salling. Jonathan Groff. Chris Colfer. Lea Michelle. Matthew Morrison. The Boondock Saints. Connor MacManus. Murphy MacManus. Murphy/Conner. Sean Patrick Flanery. Norman Reedus. Norman/Sean. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time. Prince Dastan. Jake Gyllenhaal. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Percy Jackson. Luke Castellan. Luke/Percy. Logan Lerman. Jake Abel. Jake/Logan. Criss Angel. Mindfreak. Supernatural. Sam Winchester. Dean Winchester. Sam/Dean. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Jared/Jensen.

zee randomness.
Sean Patrick Flanery and Lee Sungmin are my soulmates. Find yours at soulmate_claims =)
I claimed Prince Dastan, Warren Peace, and Jack Skellington at disneyclaims.
And Flynn Rider, Will Turner, Prince Dastan, Sam Flynn, and Warren Peace at disney_claims.
Come join Team Stitch at disney_uberland and get your Hero on ;D

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